Do U Tattoo?

do U tattoo? When it comes to #CyberSafety  and #CyberBullying people often talk about a digital footprint, at Sticks & Stones we liken your cyber activity to a Tattoo. Some tattoos are nice, some are ugly, but all are hard to erase, and even if you go to great lengths to get rid of it […]

Weapons of Mobile Destruction – Parents Cyber Safety & Cyber Bullying Talks & Advice

The internet has become an everyday tool used by adults and children alike – because it’s so commonplace it’s easy to forget how powerful it is, and that it can pose risks for your child’s online reputation, or worse their welfare. As a parent don’t let your own ignorance of the technology stand in the […]

Whole School

The whole school community must address bullying if it is to be adequately tackled. Our Anti-bullying Programme for schools offers a Whole School Approach. We provide workshops for children, families and teachers. The workshops can be taken individually or together.  

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School Staff

 “Addressing Bullying: Putting Policy into Practice”  –  School Staff Training  Led by Patricia Kennedy this is an excellent, informative and thought provoking session that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. All school staff; management, teachers, SNAs, admin, ancillary etc. should be encouraged to attend. Sometimes children will talk to the care-taker, […]

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 “Understanding Bullying” an information evening for parents, carers, families. Our forum for families to discuss their concerns around the issue -“Understanding Bullying” is a highly  engaging and popular session, providing the audience with a thorough background and understanding of the issue of bullying. This evening will be led by Patricia Kennedy, Director of Sticks and Stones. Whilst […]

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Children & Young People

Our anti-bullying programme aims to heighten awareness of bullying in all its guises, reveal the misery it inflicts and help break the silence that ensures its continuance. Drama is again proving to be a key element in getting young people to participate and engage with the issues. Using a combination of in-depth discussion, communication exercises, […]

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