Do U Tattoo?

do U tattoo? When it comes to #CyberSafety  and #CyberBullying people often talk about a digital footprint, at Sticks & Stones we liken your cyber activity to a Tattoo. Some tattoos are nice, some are ugly, but all are hard to erase, and even if you go to great lengths to get rid of it […]

Weapons of Mobile Destruction – Parents Cyber Safety & Cyber Bullying Talks & Advice

The internet has become an everyday tool used by adults and children alike – because it’s so commonplace it’s easy to forget how powerful it is, and that it can pose risks for your child’s online reputation, or worse their welfare. As a parent don’t let your own ignorance of the technology stand in the […]

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Finalist

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Finalist Patricia Kennedy, founder of Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Programme™ was identified as one of Ireland’s top 20 Social Entrepreneurs and is currently competing in the final for a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Elevator award. The winners will be announced November 2014. “They are remoulding our communities, our towns and our cities, showing […]

Harlem Globetrotters debut “The ABCs of Bullying Prevention.” (PHOENIX, Dec. 11, 2012) – Continuing their worldwide outreach as the “Ambassadors of Goodwill”™, the iconic Harlem Globetrotters have announced the debut of a new community outreach program, “The ABCs of Bullying Prevention.”  This impactful program was developed to discourage bullying, increase empathy among our youth, and give kids, teachers, and youth administrators the means to tackle this growing […]

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We need to talk about suicide, but it’s not a social-media conversation. Irish Times

We need to talk about suicide, but it’s not a social-media conversation. Irish Times by Jennifer O’Connell What could have driven Erin Gallagher to take her own life? Asking this question in the aftermath of a suicide is almost always futile – the only person really qualified to answer it is, tragically, dead. But in […]

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Study: Cyberbullying often begins between friends. The Examiner

  Study: Cyberbullying often begins between friends By Claire O’Sullivan Wednesday, November 07, 2012 Parents and teachers need to realise that cyberbullies can very often be friends of their victims, according to psychologists. Traditionally, it has been thought that friendships provide support against bullying. However, research shows that cyberbullying also happens among friends. An academic […]

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‘Never, never, never give up’. Dutch parents publish son’s suicide note. Irish Times

Dutch parents publish son’s suicide note The parents of a 20-year-old student who died by suicide last week because he had been bullied persistently over a period of years have shocked the Netherlands by publishing their son’s suicide note in a local newspaper along with his death notice. The note which is accompanied by a […]

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Teenagers interviewed over girl’s suicide. Irish Times

Teenagers interviewed over girl’s suicide CONOR LALLY Crime Correspondent, and STEPHEN MAGUIRE in Donegal GARDAÍ HAVE spoken to a number of teenagers as part of their investigation into the death of 13-year-old Erin Gallagher, who was bullied online and physically attacked in the period leading up to her taking her own life on Saturday. The […]

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Sticks & Stones the Irish anti-bullying initiative wins European award. Sunday Independent

STICKS & Stones, the Irish anti-bullying initiative, was awarded Chemins d’Enfances’ Let’s Innovate for Children! Award last week at a special ceremony in Paris. Sticks & Stones uses drama to address the issue of bullying in both primary and post-primary schools.  Sunday Independent 7/10/12

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