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What is Bullying?

Types of bullying

How can I tell if my child is being bullied?

Effects of bullying

Who is likely to be involved in bullying?


The information here has been taken from The Sticks & Stones Handbook, written and compiled by Prof. Mona O’Moore, Ph.D., F.T.C.D. Dr. O’Moore is former Head of the Child and Educational Psychology in the Department of Teacher Education, Trinity College Dublin, . She is also a Fellow of the college and author of the report on “Bullying in Schools” for the Council of Europe, and Head of the Anti-Bullying Resource and Research Unit in DCU.


Ms. Vivette O’Donnell, a teacher, founder director of Campaign Against Bullying and author of “Bullying: A Resource Guide“

Dr. Brendan Byrne, Guidance Counsellor and author of books “Coping with Bullying in Schools ” and “Bullying – A Community Approach”

Ms. Paula Greevy-Lee, founder/artistic director of The Sticks and Stones Theatre Company, graduate of the Gaiety Theatre School, Dublin, The American Musical and Dramatic Academy New York, and U.C.D., M.A. in Modern Drama Studies.

Ms. Patricia Kennedy, founder & director of Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Programme


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