Blog Post: “Online” is the new street corner

speech bubblesBeing a teen was never easy. It’s a transition period, when you’re trying to find your own way in the world, and yet still meet the expectations of everyone around you, parents, friends, teachers; for some teens it can be a horrible time.

“Online” is the new street corner, parents don’t have to be experts in using all the new technologies, they just need to use their common sense. Would you let your child hang out on the street corner, talking to strangers, shouting at passers by, or worse, taking their clothes off? No! So make sure they’re not doing it online.  And if they are; don’t lose your cool, and above all don’t remove their device. By doing that you’re guaranteeing they’ll never share with you again. Talk to them, calmly. Find out what they do, where they go and who they do it with, online and in real life.

Let them know they can come to you if they have a problem, start early enough and it just might get you through the “grunt years” of teenagedom.


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