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Sticks and Stones the original Anti-bullying Programme™ is Ireland’s longest running, and most innovative Anti-bullying Programme for children, young people, their teachers, and parents. Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Programme™ is a European award winning anti-bullying programme for Irish schools. We aim to heighten awareness of bullying in all its guises, reveal the misery it inflicts and help break the silence that ensures its continuance. Drama is again proving to be a key element in getting young people to participate and engage with the iCharacter_happyfacessues. Using a combination of in-depth discussion, communication exercises, role-play and Forum Theatre our facilitators encourage them to explore and articulate their feelings and attitudes towards bullying. Our approach is not to attribute blame to individuals, but to look at the class holistically and to examine the group dynamics at play. It is intensive and participative – your students will never again be able to say: “It was only a joke”. 

Our format encourages pupils to take personal responsibility for their actions, and equips them with the skills to address bullying in their environment. We do this by giving them the knowledge and skills to problem solve for themselves. We work hard to ensure that your students have;

  •  the ability to recognise bullying
  •  the confidence to challenge it
  •  and the skills to handle it.

“A wide variety of active learning strategies should be used in implementing SPHE. These strategies could include play, discussion and drama activities.” Dept of Education & Skills.

Drama can have a transformational effect on children, it boosts their confidence, and it empowers them to raise sensitive issues. Storytelling is at the heart of our culture, children respond positively to the opportunity to tell their own stories. They don’t always have the vocabulary to describe what is happening to them or indeed a fellow student, through drama they can show what’s happening, they don’t have to find the “right” words.

“Drama and role-play are terrific catalysts for raising awareness, stimulating discussion and developing empathy. ” Prof. Mona O’Moore, Founder of The Anti-bullying Centre DCU

Access to our on-line handbook written by Professor Mona O’Moore, Head of The Education and Child Psychology Department in Trinity College Dublin, will be provided as added support for each school. This contains valuable advice for teachers: how to identify and deal with bullying in the classroom, along with useful post-workshop exercises for the class to participate in. It also contains advice for parents, which we recommend you circulate prior to, or following, the workshop.

Each facilitator is experienced in facilitating groups to develop positive interventions and awareness raising strategies. We work with both primary and secondary schools nationwide. Meeting standards of best practice for the Protection and Welfare of Children, all members of our team are fully Garda Vetted in line with the statutory requirements of schools.

Parents –  “Understanding Bullying & Cyber Safety: Beyond the Myths & Stereotypes” 
Our forum for parents to discuss their concerns around the issue -“Understanding Bullying” is a highly  engaging and popular session, providing the audience with a thorough background and understanding of the issue of bullying.

This session can be scheduled to suit your parents, either in the evening or early in the morning to facilitate parents who are dropping children to school. Whilst it will provide extensive information on the issue of Bullying, this is not a “lecture”; it is very interactive, allowing parents to voice their fears and concerns, share their own experiences and draws on the unique experience and expertise gained by Sticks and Stones. It will conclude with a question and answer session, which will allow time for participants to address specific issues. We also have a range of information materials available to email to parents after the session.

 These talks are particularly popular as part of Parents Association AGMs. Places are limited over the coming year, so early booking is advisable. 

This session will be delivered by Patricia Kennedy, Director of Sticks and Stones.

Patricia Kennedy

Patricia Kennedy

Patricia is an inspiring and thought provoking speaker. She draws on her extensive experience of working at the coalface of bullying for over 15 years to deliver sessions that are deeply engaging yet grounded in common sense. Delivered with warmth, humour and passion, the sessions are always evolving and regularly updated with new information, techniques and tips.


School Staff  Training : “Understanding Bullying: Putting Policy into Practice”

Led by Patricia Kennedy this is an excellent, informative and thought provoking session that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your school. The session will give staff a comprehensive understanding of bullying and bring them through the major intervention methods to address bullying.

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