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Welcome to Ireland’s longest running and most innovative Anti-bullying Programme for children, young people, their teachers, and parents, the award winning Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Programme™

 every child should be able to fulfil his or her potential free from the damage that bullying causes

Sticks and Stones Anti-bullying Programme™ offers a three strand approach for the whole school community

WORKSHOPS for students, both primary and secondary schools

  Be The Solution – our original workshop

  DoUTattoo? – cyber safety, cyber bullying workshop

TRAINING for teachers and parents

  Teachers: Understanding Bullying – Putting Policy into Practice

  Parents: Understanding Bullying – Beyond the Myths and Stereotypes

Schools can engage with one or all three strands. To reduce costs schools can combine their teacher training and parents evenings with other local schools, or community groups.

Meeting standards of best practice for the Protection and Welfare of Children, all members of our team are fully Garda Vetted in line with the statutory requirements of schools.

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